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There are 13 Regional Response Teams (RRTs), one for each of ten federal regions, plus one for Alaska, one for the Caribbean, and one for the Pacific Basin. Each RRT maintains a Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) and has state, as well as federal government, representation. EPA and the Coast Guard co-chair the RRTs. Like the NRT, the standing RRTs are planning, policy and coordinating bodies and do not respond directly to the scene. The RRT provides assistance as requested by the On-Scene Coordinator during an incident.

To access a RRT Home Page, please select from the following map by clicking within the appropriate region:

Additional links to regional web sites are as follows:

EPA Region III Inland Area Contingency Planning - Provides links to the text of Region III’s Area Contingency Plan and other planning information.
Canadian/U.S. Atlantic (CANUSLANT) Joint Response Team - Joint Response Team Home Page of the CANUSLANT Joint Preparedness Team.
Inland Waterways Spill Response Mapping Project (EPA Region 5) - The Inland Waterways Spill Response Mapping project provides community planners and oil spill responders with graphical and technical information on the resources at risk during a spill.
U.S. EPA Region V Area Contingency Plan/Regional Contingency Plan - Region V's Area Contingency Plan. (Source: EPA - Region V)
Northwest Area Contingency Plan and Geographic Response Plans - The Northwest Area Contingency Plan (NWACP) consists of a main volume which describes the roles and responsibilities of the federal and state response agencies in the Pacific Northwest. (Source: USCG)

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